Facebook Automations

AI Facebook Automations

Save hours managing your brand’s social media profiles. Get back up to 70% of your team’s time and energy.


Advance & Flexible

AI Bot 24/7

Back-end API integration allows the chatbot resolve customer’s issues without any human intervention. The system is able to automate more than 1000 questions with classification accuracy of 97%

CRM Commenter

A full Facebook automation feature suite designed to help you with creating posts, scheduling posts, moderating posts, and automatically replying to posts, as well as sending follow up messages!.

Online Store

Start selling directly in Messenger and Facebook Page and customize your own online store! Sync your woocommerce in 1 click and get multiple payment processors to choose from such as PayPal, Stripe & more.

Analyze & Improve

Watch your business grow as you go. Measure and analyze your progress on Facebook andInstagram with simple and clear dashboards. Get all key metrics in one view for each social media platform.


Multiple Automations

Create automated flows that engage with users based upon their behaviors and get more sales.

Business API

We use Facebook business API, not regular as many do, and this come with business support.

Enterprise Automations

Both platforms are developed by the same mechanism and share the same core. This were the real magic starts.


Automatically publish scheduled content directly to Instagram and Facebook. Post when your audience is active on social media 24/7.

Boost Organics

Reach new audiences using tags and hashtags. Tag users and locations in your Instagram content. Add hashtags to the caption or first comment. Make Instagram’s algorithm work in your favor.

Auto Sync

Sync Your WooCommerce Store In 1 Click. All the products and news from your website will automatic sync to your Messenger!

Messenger Store

Open store in Messenger is an advantage and good support for your online marketing strategy. Your customer will able to directly browse and buy from your online shop in Facebook Messenger

Social Media Analytics

We’ll help you build social media marketing strategies backed by data that tracks and analyzes Facebook and Instagram.

Auto Reply & Like

AI will reply comment instantly, PM them for more details, like their comments and even hide or report offensive comments.