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CRM Chatbot

With CRM Chatbot you get automations features for Facebook Pages. Our AI will complete entire conversations with your clients and even manage comments on its own.

CRM Commenter

With CRM Commenter you can setup a thousands of response for all received comments in a Facebook Page. More than 64 subcategories of functions.

Templates Builder

With the template builder tool you can create your own templates with several clicks. You could decide how the templates will be showed in the Messenger and control the clicks on the buttons.

Deep Analytics

Get advanced analytics for Facebook Page, in real time.
Know your analytics about comments, messages, likes, shares, reactions and learn when you need to publish and what!

Multiple Automations

We have more than 212 automations around Facebook. Find another service with more and we give you ENTIRE YEAR FREE.

With Automations you can do more!

Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers is a list with common questions which could be displayed in the Facebook Pages Messenger and in the Facebook Pages. When people are clicking on them, are getting the response. We could create up to 6 questions in the Ice Breakers feature.

Disable & Remove

In the CRM Commenter you can disable the comments for a single or all post and even ban unwanted comments if contain specific words, all this complete automated.


With the CRM Commenter for Facebook app is possible to collect automatically the email addresses or phone numbers from the comments and messages

Activity Page

The Activities page in the CRM Commenter for Facebook app shows all actions done in the CRM Commenter for Facebook app. It could be useful for the team's members to see who has replied to a comment, who has deleted a phone number, email address, connected/disconnected a Facebook Page.

Favorite Page

The Favorites page in the CRM Commenter for Facebook app could be used to save the posts from a Facebook Page. The favorited posts will be displayed in both Favorites and Posts page.

Important Page

The Important page in the CRM Commenter for Facebook app shows the list with important posts. Is possible to save as important the posts in manual or automatic way.

Pricing Plan

Multiple Pricing Plans

You can choose from multiple packages with or without chatbot


Small Pages

$ 9 /Month
  • Message Auto Reply
  • Comment Auto Reply


+ Instagram

$ 19
  • Recommendation
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads


Under Development


Under Development