WordPress Management


WordPress Automations

Get the best from wordpress.org and wordpress.com.

Auto Publish

Publish your content from automations.link to multiple wordpress sites.


Upload a CSV full of articles and let it post every day for you.

From & To

Post from WordPress to other social or to WordPress from other social.

Advanced Features

WordPress Plugin

Install automations.link plugin and let the autopublish take care of everything else.

Social Planner

Upload one or multiple CSV file with thousand of articles and let it autopost every day.


With SPINTAX in charge you can have your unique content.

RSS Poster

Just add mulitple source of RSS and automations will autopost new content as it published.

Powerful API

With our Upgraded API you can develop every automations you like in your wordpress.


Automations support multilingual content but only in UTF8.

API Limits per day for each account